About The Creators

a bird & a bee meet at a talent agency....

Mae Smith and Emily Hornsby met in 2016 while working as literary assistants at a talent agency in New York. They started a writing group together, and very quickly fell in deep, platonic love built on a foundation of laughter, pranks, and dismantling the patriarchy. One day in January 2017 Mae pitched Emily a new idea for a feature film, and Emily expertly pointed out that it would be great as a web series. From there, the two cuddled up with a few bottles of their best friend wine and wrote all six episodes of the first season of Educated Fleas.

Emily is currently the showrunners' assistant on Showtime's Billions, and Mae is a fellow in the inaugural Made in NY Writers Room program. 

Here's a little more about them individually:


Mae Smith is a writer/director living in Brooklyn. She graduated from Columbia University and subsequently worked at Participant Media and the Agency for the Performing Arts. Mae discovered she was a comedy writer when she wrote dramas that made people laugh. Now she takes joy in bringing levity to dark topics like mental health and poverty. She hopes to use humor to foster empathy in the place of stigma.


Emily Hornsby is a writer living in Brooklyn. She graduated from Princeton University and started writing scripts by day and waiting tables by night. She likes to tell stories about women who wrestle with their cultural and spiritual environments. She also enjoys writing angsty songs for her pop punk band.