"The writers of this series, [Mae Smith and Emily Hornsby], created the perfect show for adults."

"The creators...talked about their own experiences while writing the show; what horrific experiences they had when they were younger, or even into their adulthood and how they were going to channel that into this series. They did an excellent job, and we are very excited to see the last two episodes."

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"Ruth has a complicated relationship with sex and love while also being an advocate for sexual empowerment," said star of the series Crosby Fitzgerald. "I think a lot of people can relate to having that complex dichotomy of thought."

"While Educated Fleas is, on the surface, a comedy, it also has an important secondary goal of promoting frank discussions about sex. For creators Mae Smith and Emily Hornsby, destigmatizing our shared attitude toward private parts is valuable, and their show contributes to the conversation."

"The series is witty, realistic and quite frankly the only way I wish I learned about sex ed."



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